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андрей19th October 2012
интересует оборудование по переработке пенопласта. стоимость и технология .
Саин17th October 2012
Прошу сообщить возможность поставки оборудования для распыления резиновой крошки , дайте цены на все оборудование для получения резиновых покрытии.
Антон17th October 2012
Добрый день, подскажите пожалуйста. Меня интересует оборудование которое производит термопластик для разметки дорог. Есть ли у Вас такое оборудование. Спасибо.
с уважением
Рома8th October 2012
Здравствуйте!Сколько стоит линия по производству вспенненого каучука средней производительности.
Рамиль8th October 2012
Здравствуйте! Сколько стоит линия по производству впененого каучука?
Andrei Bova3rd October 2012
Dear Sirs.
I represent OMA Company which located in Republic Belarus (this country is situated near Russia). Our Company exists more than 20 years and nowadays we are leader on sales of building materials in the local market.
At present OMA Company develops one new business project. We are going to create the plant for production of bricks. We would like to buy some necessary equipment for our future manufacture in China.
We are interested in the possibility of the deal with your company regarding acquisition of the equipment for brick manufacture. We would like to buy full automatic line to produce brick products such as facing brick, paving flag and border. We are going to use dolomite, cement and pigment as raw materials for production of the brick.

Further I would like to provide you with some additional information about the technical requirements of equipment we need:
-1) the equipment makes the product with HYDRAULIC DOUBLE PRESS usage. It means that the main two cylinders (upper and lower) move towards each other during the operating time.
- 2) The productivity of equipment has to be about 24 bricks per cycle. The size of brick is 250x120x65. In this case when we have this specific size of brick the power of pressing to working surface has to be at least 9000 KN. Besides the duration of cycle has to be about 20 second without of making a color top coat of bricks.
3) The equipment has to make a color top coat of bricks. It means the following. After finishing the main cycle of pressing the system gives to press-form some quantity of another color blend. Then the press makes an additional cycle of pressing. The result of these actions is the appearance of another color on surface part of brick product.
4) Possibilities of changing a structure and shape of pressed products (bricks for example) by making replacement of pressure elements.
4) Unloading of bricks after pressing directly on the technological pallets.
5) The line has to deliver products on the technological pallets automatically to special zone for warm and damp processing at the temperature about 50 degrees.

I could send some files as examples of equipment we need if you write me your email.

If you have equipment we are interested in please send me the letter with technology parameters and video of this equipment in operation/action.

Best regards and waiting for the answer on my email,

Andrei Bova
Project manager
Skype: bova18101978
mobile: +375 29 654 67 84
Евгений26th September 2012
Добрый день. Нас интересует система переработки отработанного масла. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.

1. Стоимость системы.
2. Сроки поставки.
3. Обучение персонала.
4. Потребляемые мощности.

С уважением Юрин Евгений.