LU-УН-700. Rubber recycling complex line
YН- 700 It is based on  LU-RPX-420-MOD waste rubber single-pass attritor  
Tyre-recycling complex line
1. Hydraulic guillotine shears - 1 Unit.
2. Tire bead seat hydraulic extruder - 1 Unit.
3. Pneumatic lifts 2 Units.
4. Main attritor   2 Units YH- RX -1
5. Main vibration screen 1 Unit
6. Fine vibration screen - 1 Unit.
7. Sorting fine vibration screen - 1 Unit.
8. Band magnetic separator -    2 Unit
9. Air separator 2 Units.
10. Spiral conveyors 9 Units
11. Band conveyor 1 Unit
12. Air duct 20 Units
13. Raw materials air ducts 1 Units.
14. Shredder  - 1 Unit.
15. Electric board 2Units
16. Main final attritor 1 Unit,   YH- RX –0,5
Trade mark
USA and Israel
Year of development 2008
Made in China Joint development
Productivity of 1 plant 1500  kg/hr, workpieces
extracts as follows:  
Metal cord 240 kg/hr
Textile cord 60 kg/hr
Powder - less than 0.5 mm 600 kg/hr
Large fracton - more than 0.5 mm 600 kg/hr
Productivity (rubber crumb for 22 hrs 26 000 kg
Productivity (rubber crumb for 300 days) 8 000 tons
Total power 157 kW
Average energy consumption 110 kW
Rated energy consumption per one ton of finished product 100 kW
Main engine 80 kW
Auxiliary engine of  the 1st axis 10kW
Auxiliary engine of the second axis 15 kW
Auxiliary engine 8 kW
Auxiliary engine 10kW
Water circulation pump 1 kW
Dust extractor pump - 1unit 1*6 kW = 6 kW
Engine of the separating mechanism - 2 units 2*4 kW=8kW
Engine of magnetic separator - 2 units 2*2 kW=4 kW
Internal conveying system -5 units 5*3 kW =15 kW
Magnetic separator, 3 units on permanent magnets
Cooling Compulsory water cooling
Water consumption/hour 12-14 L/hr
Water consumption cycle closed
Operating temperature 90-950 С
Emergency stop temperature 175-1800 С
Recycles workpieces 100*100*75 mm
Engine life 3 years
Warranty 2 years
Weight (for transportation) 25 000 kg
Mounting weight 24 200 kg
B Drum's weight  В 420 х 850 mm steel 2nd axis  3900 kg (Made in Japan)
D Drum's weig563 х 850 mm synthetic  2nd  axis 3130 kg (Made in Japan)
Е Drum's weight Е 220 х 850 mm steel 100 kg (Made in Japan)
Drum's weight Ф 237 х 850 mm synthetic 80 kg (Made in Japan)
Guaranteed engine life of the drums (by raw materials ) 15 000 tons of raw materials
Specifications of first drums of the axis Smooth
SPecifications of the second drums of the axis Patterned
Rotation Asynchronous
Removal of textile cord During crumbling, from 6 points, 3 cyclones
Purity (textile) 99,5%
Removal of metal cord Outside the plant, using supplementary units
Purity (metal) 99,9%
Conveying length 3450 mm
Operating length 4200 mm
Conveying width 2780mm
Operating width 5200 mm
Conveying height 2560 mm
Operating height 4300mm
Main engine drive Gear drive
Reducer's 3 units.
Drive of auxiliary machines Belt, v-shaped
Drive in propellers of 2nd, 3 rd and 4 th axes Gear drive
Drive on separator Worm drive
cycled continuous feeding of raw materials Is chosen by operator, depending on raw materials
velocity ratio, rpm 1:1.30
Upper rollers' speed  rpm 25, 56
Middle rollers' speed,  rpm 33 ,26
Rear rollers' speed, rpm 154
Amount of the fed materials per cycle, kg 120 kg
Max distance between the rolls of the first couple 0,50 mm
Min distance between the rollers of the second couple 0,1 mm
Time of  cycle 5 minutes
Number of workers 4 persons
Maintenance 1time/2 weeks
Disassembling of the frame 1 hr
Production area 12*6=72 m2
Noise 83 dB
Vibration No
Reverse Yes
Emergency thermal stop sensor Yes
Foundation Is required
Emissions of fine dust Less than  0,0001% of  the quantity of raw materials
Operations parameters, climate Indoors
Transportation two 40 ft.containers
Certification USA, Israel, Pr China, Russia
Meets the requirments Euro-3
Raw materials Any type of rubber
Starting up and adjustment We need 2 specialists from manufacturing plant, 14 days
Manufacturer ACPEN
Time of manufacturing after payment 90 days