Novotrack equipment. Production of sport rubber tracks from crumb and powder. French technology

Purpose of the equipment 
This equipment  is used to make rubber sport tracks, based on foam rubber. The track band length is 20-30 m, width - 0.9 m.

The line  LU-YH-4000EBB  includes as follows 
1. LXUKH400  open rubber mixer– 3 units.
2. Internal rubber mixer 
3.Cold feed extruder 
4. LКU360 vertical two roll calander
5. Four rolls embossing press
6. Continuous tonnel vulcanizer, operating on thermal conducive oil (steam)
7. Conveying net for rubber plates 8. Cooling plant
9. Edge-cutting adjusting device 10. Cutting and rolling device 
11. Rubber cutter 
12. Boiler
13. Electric control board – 2 units.

Manufacturing time 4 months.
The set doesn't include
- Electric cables, cables for connection of main feeding source and control board, cables for connection of control boards and machines, duct
-Foundation for equipment, consumables, and mounting materials, pipelines connecting external sources with machines, vents and lubrication oil
Rollers for upper amd lower layers
Weight of the whole line - 100 tons
Modifications production line  LU-YH-4000EBB, LU-YH-2500EBB,  productivity 2500 m2/day; LU-YH-1000EBB, productivity 1000 m2/day
Specification of the product:
Length is not limited: European standards-length 20 m 
Width : from 0.5 to 1.4m. European standard 1220 mm
The thickness is adjustable from 4 to 20 mm.European standard:- 1200 mm
Sport rubber tracks have a high resiliency, cushioning effect and are shock-proof
Upper layer
Field molding
Lower layer


Novotrack made by Luniwei machines and in France 

Novotrack made by Luniwei

Novotrack made in France 
Raw materils: EPDM, natural rubber butadiene rubber
EPDM is main raw material, has a good weather resistance, but as raw materials are placed outdoors, they should be protected from UV rays. 27-28 tons/days are required.