Warranty time

1 year since leaving the territory of PR China.
In practice, the fulfillment of the guarantees depends on the country where the equipment is mounted, because it is difficult for Chinese specialists to receive visas to some countries. In India, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan the task is easier, as there are service centers. After-sale service includes free delivery and replacement  of  defective units and aggregates, that failed by the manufacturer’s fault. Bearings, reducers, electric engines, driving belts are unified by standards of former USSR and East European countries (CMEA); this allows to use similar units, purchased in the country of mounting  if it is necessary to replace them.  We use the standards of ex-USSR and CMEA, as  PR China took a living space of former USSR and CMEA and we mainly supply our equipment to these countries, and can purchase the above-said units and aggregates easily enough. So when such units fail, we can easily buy them on the spot and  mount them with the help of local specialists. We, in turn, pay for the said work. However, we should mention, that during last 4 years (we export 10-12 of such machines every year) there was no necessity in warranty repair. We hope there will  be also no such  necessity in future.

In the case of failure of  important  units, particularly, abrasive rolls during the warranty time, they will be  supplied from China and mounted by our specialists.  Usually, we recommend  our customers to take supplementary pair of abrasive drums. When observing standard operation rules, under condition of  round-the-clock operation, 4 drums (two operating drums and 2 supplementary drums) guarantee  undisturbed operation during 4.5 -5 years. As the delivery of the drums takes time (custom formalities) so, to avoid 30-60 day idleness of the machine our specialists will mount and adjust the operating drums, and in 30-45 days you’ll receive a set of supplementary drums sent by us.
Cutting tools are to be sharpened once in two weeks. Factory’s guarantee- 1 month since the beginning of exploitation.
Disc cutter can work many years,  cross-piece chips cutter works 6-9 months (round the clock operation). The heads of  tire bead seat extruder serve 6-12 months, depending on the recycled tires. After that these heads can be easily restored on the spot by  welding of refractory electrode.
As shown by Chinese experience the drum can serve 6-7 years, the edges should be welded on every 3-6 month. We also recommend a supplementary set. The tool, most frequently subjected to failure is the blade of tire bead seat cutter. Usually this tool fails by the fault of untrained personnel, when the tire is not fixed properly, or  the operator did not properly  press the blade to the tire bead seat. In this case the breaking of the blade’s end occurs and it is not a warranty case.
So, we recommend to have 2-3 spare blades, the blades can be easily recovered in any country by welding of refractory cutting edge of the blade’s  root.
Disc attritors of the auxiliary attritor are made of  black cast iron. Normally they can work 3-4 years. During all the time we had only three cases when these disks failed. There were two cases (in Israel and Moscow, respectively)  when the crumb, containing metal cord was fed to the attritor.  This violation of the operation rules led to destruction of  the cast iron during two weeks.. The third case was in Belarus – the operators had a bet whether the machine is able to crush  a big granite stone.