LXULHB-100 Rubber block manufacturing press

Total pressure: 100 tons. Three plates, 2 decks. 2 press-molds, each one has 6 molds for blocks of 200×100×75
Rate pressure of hydraulic system -14.2 mPA
Way of heating: electric.
Distance between hot plates - 280 mm
Distance between upper and lower press-molds - 135 мм
Manufacturing time : 45 days
Total power :24,6 kW
Power of main units:
Heating power: 21.6 kW
Press power : 3 kW
Control board (Made in China) Main machine unit:3500 kg
Main machine size: 2070mm*1400mm*710mm
Staff: 1-2 persons
Productivity/shift: 12 blocks/1 production cycle
Duration of the 1-st cycle: 20-30 min, subsequent cycles - 8-10 min.
Pressing temperature: 150 0С
Specification of products:rubber block size is 200*100*75
No foundation is required
Raw materials: rubber