LGUTYM-V200-2RT-2-S-PCD Rubber roofing block production line


Production of rubber roofings from waste rubber.
This equipment is used for production of rubber details for cars, bottle corks, medical use, dump rubber
The production line consists of 2 units, each has two roof production decks. (These units can be bought separately)

The production line includes :
Vacuum pump (Rietschie)
Electric engine (Taiwan)
Hydraulic pump (Hytek)
Electromagnetic valve (Northman)or(Hytek)
Thermometer (Nais)
Hydraulic motor (Taiwan)
On/off button .(France)
Control sensor (Omron)
Supersensitive screen(Fuji)
Stopper in oil cylinder to avoid leakage in the cylinded (NOK, Japan),
Spirometer (Taiwan)
Preliminary heating time setting function .
Time of production: 3-4 days.
High productivity.
High quality of products (bubbless rubber).
High automation degree, it is possible to control each stage.
Way of heating: electric heating
Mold thickness: 50-150mm
Mold rotation angle : 45
Main cylinder lift/descend speed 1-6mm/sec. to 85mm/sec.
Main cylinder motion type-single action cylinder and auxiliary express cylinder.
Distance between upper and lower hot molds – 300 mm.
Electric power - 14 kW.
Piston diameter - 355 mm.
Мах width of hot presses - – 300mm.
Мах stroke of the piston – 250 mm.
Total energy : 36.6KW for one unit
Weight: 6 tons
Size: 2,5m*3m*1,5m
Personnel - 1 persons
Production area: 10m2
Productivity/shift: The machine has 4 molds. Productivity for one mold - 20 pcs/hr
Specification of products: 100 cm*20cm, thickness-1.5-2cm,wave height - 3-4 cm. Pressure held by rubber during rubber roofing production process – 200 tons
Raw materials: waste rubber
Manufacturing technique: The rubber is fed to the upper or lower deck, hot presses form the rubber .
It is possible to take finished rubber roofing by tilting the mold down by 45o (from the upper desk) or by pulling it out (from the lower deck)