LU-YH-10-3,5- HL-Q Production line, basic model

This assembly allows recycling of any type of rubber and tires, both with metal cord and without metal cord.
It recycles rubber products of 1-350 cm
Receiving hoppers of cutting machine can receive raw materials of 1000mm * 400 mm, reinforced with alloyed steel of thickness up to 5 mm.
The production line allows simultaneous production of 6 various fractions of crumb and powder, textile-free and metal-free (99,5%) .
Semi-automation line.
It takes 1.5 -2 months (with 2 engineers from the manufacturing plant) to install it
Factory guarantee -1 year since leaving the territory of PR China.
In order to save costs it is possible to locate shredders, large tires’ tire bead seat cutters, metal extruders under tent outside the heated premises. As differs from other recycling lines, the assembly of this one allows to double and triple productivity by adding supplementary main attritors. (from 3 to 6 and 9. A number of attritors can be also reduced to 1 or 2 with the same set of preparatory machines.
As the rubber recycling temperature doesn’t exceed 90 C, so the rubber doesn’t lose its natural properties during recycling, so the product, obtained by this equipment may be used for the second time without any glue.

Brand YH-10-3,5- HL-Q
Number of units 58
name 1. Tire bead seat cutter – 2 units.
2.Tire-to-band cutter -2 units.
3. Band-to-workpiece cutter 3 units.
4. hydraulic guillotine shears -1 unit.
5. tire bead seat hydraulic extruder - 1 unit.
6. Pneumatic lifters – 4 units. (or 1 telfer lifter)
7. main attriting unit -3 units
8. vibration sieve 3 units
9. magnetic separator 12 units
10. Air separator – 3 units.
11. conveyors – 9 units
12. shredder – 1 unit. 13. Electric board – 2 units
14.Fine vibration sieve - 6 units.
15.Tire bead seat extruder – 1 unit
16.Fine fraction final attritor – 3 units
17.Spider – 1 unit.
18 .turtle – one unit.
Is not included in the set all is included .
Rated energy consumption 550 kW.
Actual energy consumption 314kW.
Main engine power 43kW
Water consumption 200 liters/day (cooling)
Raw materials consumption 7 000 kg/shift
Produces workpieces 7 000 kg/shift (36 delivery truck tires, 65 kg .hr)
Crumbs % 55% (0.5 - 1.0 mm)
Powder % 45% (0 - 0.5 mm)
textile removes
Metal Extracts
Recycles pure rubber Recycles
Tires and bands containing textile Recycles
Tires and bands containing textile and metal Recycles
Tires containing metal Recycles
Tires of diameter up to 4 m Recycles
Productivity Depends on rubber contents in raw materials
Productivity/shift 6 tons
- hr 0,6 ton
-shift (10 hrs) 6 000 kg/shift
- daily (22 hrs) 12 000 kg/day
- year 3 600 tons
-metal scrap extracted/shift Max -3 000 kg (depending on specifications of raw materials)
-Textile extracted/shift Max -400 kg, depends on quality of raw materials
Raw materials consumption 4500 tons/year
Diameter of recycled tires from 12 inches to 40 in meters
Operation mode 300 days/year, 22 hrs/day
Personnel, one shift 12
Skillful workers 4 persons.
Shiftmen 7 persons.
Foreman (engineer) 1
The shop is divided into sections. Number of Personnel for each section 2 sections
---Attritors section 7 persons.
---Tires (up to 24 inches) preparation section 12 persons
Foreman (engineer) – total process control 1 person.
Weight of the equipment 55 tons
Certification Certified in Pr China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Ukrain, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Czech, Israel, Russia
Factory warranty 1 year
Technical losses, % 0,5% of the raw materials weight
Production area without warehouses 1 200 m2
It must be installed indoors ---Preparation section ---attrition section
Outdoor installation The shredder can be installed outdoors
mounting 4 weeks
Fractions are controlled by replacement of sieves 6 fractions simultaneously
Foundation Is required for main attritors (3 units) shredder (1 unit)
Factory start and adjustment specialists Desirably, but not comppulsory
Training of the personnel Desirably but not compulsory
License USA
Transportation 40 ft. containers – 5. 20 ft containers – 2
Manufacturing time 60 days
Shipping time 66 days
Manufacturing time 90-120 days depending on destination
Spare parts Are not included in the set.
Wearing parts  
---abrasive shafts 2units Service time -2 years (made in Japan)
---circular cutter - 2 units Service time -1 year
---chips crusher Service time -1 year
---Tire bead sear cutter's blades Service time -4 months
---Tire bead seat extruder's drums Service time – 6 months (but it is possible to extend its service time and/or restore it
---Replaceable sieves Time of service - 1 year
Manufacturing process  
The resultant products (powder and crumbs) are used to produce by further processing as follows - raw reclaimed rubber
  -mats for sport grounds of 500 х 500 mm
  -filling seamless coatings
  -Foam rubber
  -baseplates for rails and railway furniture
  -Soles for slippers
  - sanitaryware gaskets
  - rugs for entrance doors and bathrooms
  additives for asphalt
  - rubber roofing
  -Rubber blocks
  -EPDM granules
  -gasket and sealant for doors and windows
  -Tread strips for restoration of tires
  -Shock damper

Principal layout of LUYH-10-3.5 production line in hangar of 50х24x9m

1. tire bead seat cutter 2 units.
2.Tire-to-band cutter 2 units.
3. Band-to-workpices cutter 3units.
4. Hydraulic guillotine shears - 1 unit.
5. Hydraulic extractor of tire bead seat - 1 unit.
6. Pneumatic lifts 4 units. (or 1 telfer lift)
7. main attriting unit 3 units
8. vibration screen 3 units
9. Magnetic separator 12 units
10. Air separator 3 units.
11.Conveyors 9 units
12. shredder - 1 unit
13. electric board 2units
14. Fine polishing vibration screen - 6 units.
15.Tire bead seat extruder 1 unit
16. Final attritor of fine fraction 3units.
17.Spide 1unit.
18 Turtle 1 unit.
19. Attritors zone
20. Transport operation zone
21. Small tires recycling zone
22.Large tires recycling zone
23. Raw materials heated warehouse
24.Final products warehouse