LU-YH -2-FE-DAL Rubber recycling production line
Brand YH-2-FE-DAL
Units 10
Name 1.Hydraulic guillotine shears - 1 unit
2.Tire bead seat hydraulic extruders-1 unit
3.Shredder-1 unit
4.Conveyor - 4 units
5.Pneumatic lift -1 unit
6. Tyre punch 1 unit
7. Rotary table
Is not included in the set All included
Rated power consumption 65 kW
Actual power consumption 50 kW.
Main engine power 43 kW
Water consumption 10 liters/hr
Raw materials consumption 10 000 kg/shift
makes work pieces 10 000 kg/shift (12 delivery trucks, 65 kg/hour)
Crumb Doesn't produce
Powder Doesn't produce
Textile Doesn't remove
Metal Doesn't extract
Recycles pure rubber Recycles
Wheels and bands containing textile Recycles
Tires and bands containing textile and metals Recycles
Tires containing tires with metal Recycles
Tires with diameter up to 2.5 meters Doesn't recycle
Productivity It doesn’t depend on rubber content in raw materials
Productivity/shift: (10 hrs) 10 tons
Hour 1 ton
Day 22000 kg
Year 6600 tons
Extract metal scrap/shift 750 kg
Extracts textile/shift No
Raw materials consumption 6600 tons/year
Diameter of the recycled tires 12-30 inches
Operation mode 300 days/year, 22 hrs/day
Personnel 4
Skillfull workers 1
Shiftmen 3
Foreman/engineer No
divided into sections, each section is served by: 1 section
--Attritions section No
--tire (up to 2.5 meters) prepation section 4 persons
Foreman/engineer – total process control No
Weight of the equipment 4.5 tons
Certification Certified in Pr China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Czech Republic, Israel, Russia
Factory warranty 1 year
Technical losses, % 0.001% of weight of raw materials
Production area (without warehouses) 250 m2
It must be installed indoors ---Preparation section
Outdoor installation ---No.
Time of installation 2 weeks
Fractions are controlled by replacement of sieves 1 type of workpieces
Foundation One (for the shredder)
Factory start and adjustment specialists No
Training of the personnel No
License PR China
Transportation 1-40ft. container and 1- 20ft. container
Manufacturing time 60 days
Shipping time 66 days
Manufacturing time 90-120 days depending on destination
Spare parts Are not included in the set.
Wearing parts :
---abrasive shafts 6units No
---circular cutter - 4 units No
---chips crusher No
---Tire bead sear cutter's blades Service time -4 months
---Tire bead seat extruder's drums Service time – 6 months (but it is possible to extend its service time and/or restore it
Hoses and glands for hydraulic  reinforcement 2 sets
---Replaceable sieves No
Shredder’s blades 1 set
Manufacturing process 1.Removal of a tire bead seat
2. Cutting of tire (without tire bead seat) into 4-8 parts
3. Cutting of workpieces
4 Finished product warehouse
The products obtained (crumbs and powder) are used to produce
 Workpiece 30x30x30 mm for further recycling into crumbs or pyrolysis and recycling into fuel

Operation flow chart
 1. Wheels diameter up to 3 meters
 2. Hydraulic guillotine shears
 3. 1/3, 1/6, 1/16 of tire with tire bead seat
 4. Tire bead seat without rubber
 5. Hydraulic metal extractor of the tire bead seat
 6. 1/3, 1/6, 1/16 of tire without tire bead seat
 7. Work piece (10*10 cm) for crushing