LU-YH-8-3-BEJ Rubber recycling production line

Number of units
1.main attriting unit -3 units. 
2 Vibratin screen -3 units  
3. Magnet separator                                                                                                
4.Supplementry fine vibration  sieve  -6 units
5. Conveyors -12 units                                                                                                                              
6 Shredder  -1 unit
7. Electric board -2 units
8.Tire bead seat cutter - 2 units
9. Tire bead seat metal extruder-1 unit
10. Air separator -3 units
11. belt cutter -2 units
12 Chips cutter -2 units  
13 Tire bead seat extractor -1 unit
14 Hydraulic shears -1 unit
15 Elevating trolley - 3 units
16.Final attritors --3 units
Is not included in the set
all is included .
Rated energy consumption
397 kW.
Actual energy consumption
Main engine power
43 kW
Water consumption
150 liters/day (cooling)
Raw materials consumption
9000 kg/shift
Produces workpieces
7000 kg/shift ( 10 delivery truck tires, 65 kg .hr)
Crumbs %
55% (0.5 - 1.0 mm)
Powder %
45% (0 - 0.5 mm)
Recycles pure rubber
Tires and bands containing textile
Tires and bands containing textile and metal
Tires containing metal
Tires of diameter up to 4 m
Doesn't recycle
Depends on rubber contents in raw materials
7  tons
- hr
07   ton
-shift (10 hrs)
7 000 kg/shift
- daily (22 hrs)
14 000  kg/day
- year (300 days)
4 200 tons
-metal scrap extracted/shift
Max -2 000 kg (depending on specifications of raw materials)
-Textile extracted/shift
Max -400 kg, depends on quality of raw materials
Raw materials consumption
5 400 tons/year
Diameter of recycled tires
from 12 inches to 4.0 m
Operation mode
300 days/year, 22 hrs/day
Personnel, one shift
Skillful workers
2 persons
6 persons.
Foreman (engineer)
The shop is divided into sections. Number of Personnel for each section
2 sections
---Attritors section
3 persons.
---Tires (up to 24 inches) preparation section
6 persons
Foreman (engineer) – total process control
1 person.
Weight of the equipment
55 tons 
Certified in Pr China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Ukrain, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Czech, Israel, Russia
Factory warranty
1 year
Technical losses, %
0,001% of the raw materials weight
Production area without warehouses
700 m2
It must be installed indoors
---Preparation section ---attrition section
Outdoor installation
Shredder can be installed indoors
6 weeks
Fractions are controlled by replacement of sieves
6 fractions simultaneously
Is required for main attritors - 3  for shredder -1
Factory start and adjustment specialists
Desirably, but not compulsory
Training of the personnel
Desirably but not compulsory
40 ft. containers – 3. 20 ft containers -2
Manufacturing time
60 days
Shipping time
66 days
Manufacturing time
90-120 days depending on destination
Spare parts
Are not included in the set.
Wearing parts
---abrasive shafts  6 units
Service time -2 years (made in Japan)
Circular blades-4 pcs Service time - 1 year
Chips crusher Service time - 1 year
---Blades of tire bead seat cutter
Service time -4 months
---Tire bead seat extruder's drums
Service time – 6 months (but it is possible to extend its service time and/or restore it
---Replaceable sieves
Time of service - 1 year
Manufacturing process
 1.Removal of a tire bead seat >> 2.Separation of metal and rubber in tire bead seat >>3. Cutting of tire (without tire bead seat) in spiral bands of width of 3-5 cm >>4. Cutting off the second tire bead seat >> 5. Thinning of band >> 6. Cutting of workpieces >> 7. Production of powder and crumb >> 8. Separation into fractions >> 9. Removal of textile cord >> 10. Shredding of pure rubber (tread strips) and rubber containing textile cord >> Finished product warehouse
The resultant products (powder and crumbs) are used to produce by further processing as follows
- raw reclaimed rubber
-mats for sport grounds of 500 х 500 mm
-filling seamless coatings
-Foam rubber
-baseplates for rails and railway furniture
-Soles for slippers
- sanitaryware gaskets
- rugs for entrance doors and bathrooms
additives for asphalt
-Rubber blocks
-EPDM granules
-gasket and sealant for doors and windows
-Tread strips for restoration of tires
-Shock damper, hydroisolation for roofs