LMUTH65 EPDM granules production line

The production line includes :
1. Raw materials feeding system – 1 set.
2. Main unit LMUTH65 – twin screw extruder – 1 set
3. Electric control system – 1 set
4. Granulator with blowed-off die mold surface (the set includes vortex separator and vibration sieve)- 1 set
5. Spare time – 1 set

Manufacturing time: 30 working days in China
The set doesnt include :
1.High-speed mixing machine
Main machine features :
1. Raw materials feeding system:
- WB100-LD-11-1.5
- speed adjustment: frequency
- gear box : gear ratio - 11:1
- feed screw : twin screw
- screw shape: cohesion
- Screw material: 40Cr, stainless steel
- Drum’s material: stainless steel
- bucket capacity: 80 kg
- bucket material: stainless steel
- Bucket wall;s thickness: δ=1.2 mm
- the screws, feeding box and bucket have easily movable and collectible construction
2. Twin-screw extruder
- Length/diameter ratio: 40 : 1
- L/D 3:1 gear box:
Discharge shaft rotations: 0~500 rpm.
• Pinions : 6th degree of accuracy, the pinion’s shaft material is 20CrNi2MoA,HRC58-62
Lubrication system:
- Gearbox pinion’s bearings - oil-soaked;
- Oil pump - BB-HB10
-Oil brand 150#, average sort, oil for pinions
- Thrust bearing made in China; needle bearing, spherical bearing, tapered bearing and ball bearing, made in Japan
- Engine speed -1480 rpm
- screws:
Auger’s parts: feeding part, mixing part, opposite direction mixing part, negative rotation screw thread
Auger’s structure:cascaded connection
Type of auger’s rotation: coherent simultaneous rotation of two augers: 0-500 rpm.
Augers' rotation speed : 0-500 rpm.
diameter: 62.4 mm
groove’s depth : 11 mm
material : high quality steel (weight 6542), hot treatment (high-temperature vacuum burning) HRC60-64
method of connection to the core; involute gear, high capacity of autopurification
- core:
material: high strength, bending resistance, 40CrNiMo high strength steel alloy, improved by tempering, HB300-350 method of core connection: through, tongue-and-groove drums
method of core connection: through, tongue-and-groove drums
- Drums:
structure: cascade connection of the drums, total length – 2400 mm
Materials: in internal, -shaped drum holes bushings made of double alloy are used, HRC60-64 wear resistant al
Number of drums : 10 units.
One drum length -240 mm
Drum with feeding hole– 1 unit., the first section is water-cooled
Drum with fiber glass hole – 1 unit., 6-th section
Drum with vacuum exhaust hole – 1 unit., 9 th section
Drum with open hole– 7 units., 2nd, 3rd 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th sections.
- water drum cooling system:
Main tube cooling: 10 sections. The head is not cooled.
Water pump: 1 unit
Circulating water tank: 1 unit. Materials –stainless steel
Materials –stainless steel
Heat exchanger SL-411– 1 unit., 1.1 m2
cooler: soft water
there’s a cooling water circulation system built-in raw materials feeding section
Cooling system electromagnetic valve, made in Japan
Materials of water pipes, their connections, water inlet valves; stainless steel
- heating system :
sections: Total - 10 sections, 9 heating sections for 10 drums (the first raw materials feeding drum doesn’t require heating) the head of the first section is heated
Heating method: electric
The heaters of the 2nd and 3 rd main tubes are made of molding copper with closed holes
The heaters of tubes 4-10 are made of molding aluminum
Head heater material: molded copper
- vacuum removal system::
Location in drums: the 9th drum
• SKB(2BV) water circulation water pump:
pressure: 0.7-0.9 Mpa
Vacuum drum volume: 80 L
Material: Stainless steel
- head :
The device with replaceable hydraulic net
Built-in pressure sensor
Melting temperature built-in sensor
Pipe connections of die mold surface blowing device

3. Electric control system
- locking control
There are AC overload control device and locking/cut-off device built-in main unit’s engine
There is an interlock system built in main unit’s engine and raw materials feeding device
Gearbox and lubrication system have an interlock device
When the head is overpressed, the machine operation is locked
The main engine and gear box are connected with nylon finger, in the case of torque moment overload the nylon finger is cut off automatically
- main accessorial details:
Feeding device main engine speed control system – 1 unit, integrated Bosch converter
Bosch Granulator main engine speed control system – 1 unit ., integrated Bosch converter

• RKC temperature control device
AC contractor and other Siemens low pressure electric elements
Siemens air circuit breaker
Schneider buttons and indicator lamp

. Granulator with cooling system
- hot cutting head with die mold surface blowing
- trolleys for the granulator and additional equipment:
900 nipple triangle – 2 units.,
450 nipple triangle – 2 units.
Ventilator – 2 units
Centrifugal separator – 2 units., diameter 130 mm
Vibration sieve – 1 unit, 300 kg
• Stainless steel pipe line, length 10 m, diameter 130 mm
• Cap for blowable – 1 unit., hole’s diameter is 130 mm
Ventury threeway connection 1 unit.
5. Spare parts
- Auger’s parts: length – 500 mm
- Inlet/outlet oil seal – 3 units, gland collar’s frame
- asbestos gloves - 1 pair
- exhaust chamber - 3 units
- hexagonal spanner – 1 unit
- Special public key (8-24) – 1 pc
- blade screwdriver, cruciform screwdriver -1
- Potentiometer– 2 pc
- 300 × 36 adjustable wrench – 1 unit
- a stick of tough-pitch copper 30 × 200 – 1 pc.
- aluminum thermal heater with closed hole– 1 pc
- Granulator’s blades – 20 pcs
- semiconductor’s relay – 2 pcs
Total power: 125kW(75kW 380V/50Hz ; 50kW 220V/50Hz)
Power of main units
Oil pump power : 0.55 kW
Twin-screw extruder engine power: 75 kW (AC) 380V/50HZ
Water pump engine power: 0.55 kW380V/50HZ
Main pipe heating power 2-nd, 3-rd: 5.6 kW/pipe. Total power: 11.2 kW.
Main pipe heating power 4-th, 5-th, 6-th, 7-th, 8-th, 9-th, 10-th: 3.4 kW/pipe. Total power : 23.8 kW
LSUKHB(2BV)water circulation vacuum pump power : 2.2 kW, 380V/50HZ
Main engine adjusting system: 7.5 kW (AC)
Feeding device main engine speed adjusting system: 1.5 kW (AC)
Granulator main engine adjusting system: 1.5 kW (AC)
Granulator’ ventilator power: 4 kW, 380V/50HZ
-Manufacturer of the control system China
-Control board in assembly
Weight of whole line- 4 tons
Main unit's size (L*W*H): 5000*1000* 2100 mm
Length of vibration screen 3000 mm
Personnel : 4 persons
Production area : 100 m2 (without finished products warehouse)
Design productivity : 200 kg/hr
Transporation : One- 40 ft container
Main unit

Blown off granulator
Raw materials: any rubber resib and primary rubber, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, secondary rubber taken fron tires, sealants, conveyor belts .
Manufacturing technology
Internal water circulation: For drums cooling soft and distilled circulation water is required No tap water is used otherwise stone formation may take place.

1. Raw materials feeding system
2. Twin screw extruder
3. Extruder
4. Periheral separator
5.Vibration screen